Sunday, January 08, 2006 

My "Ah Ha Moment!

Lazy Daisy is back in the building and has finally had a break through. Yes, I said a "break through" not a "break down"!

One of my last post was after attending a weight watchers meeting in my small rural community and meeting "Miss Chirpy" the life coach, cheerleader and all-round perky-person lecturer. ( See Jan. 5th post)

My attempt at humor was to mask how bad I felt at being so far out of control in my eating habits and having allowed myself to become the resident fat person of the community.

Friday was horrible in that I didn't know what to eat and was almost afraid to eat at all.

Saturday and Sunday we had planned to go home to Virginia Beach to see my mom for her birthday . Going home is always an eating extravaganza...My wonderful mom believes in the Dough Boy philosophy of "Nothing says lovin like something from the oven. "

She believes in "Killing the fatted calf" and preparing all my favorite foods. In the past, I have eaten everything she puts in front of me so she will know that I appreciate all her efforts to please me and show me how much she loves me.

This weekend I told her that "I was the fatted calf and she was killing me" by insisting I eat things that were not on my eating plan. She listened! She had simple meals with numerous vegetables and salads. I left tonight with a sense of empowerment.

My biggest "Ah Ha Moment" came when I finally realized that as much as I love food, I love me more. I am learning to approach food (not with fear and trembling) but with reverence and celebration. Anything approached with reverence is less likely to be abused. So I am developing a more intentional relationship with food....loving it, savoring it,and not taking it for granted.

What was your "Ah Ha Moment?"

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