Wednesday, March 08, 2006 

Down on the Upside

You've heard the expression, "I'm down today."

Usually it evokes sympathy from those around you and if you live with "a fixer" he will try to do something to help you out, lighten the load, encourage you or at least give you a hug.

Well, I'm down today, but I've discovered that in some cases Down is Good!

If you are on a tall building that is on fire.......Down is Good!

If your cat is stranded in a tree.......Down is Good!

If you are fearful of heights.......Down is Good!

When you've jumped out of a plane and the parachute opens......Down is Good!

When the scale finally starts moving.......Down is Great!

I was down two more pounds this morning ! Don't get me wrong, I am doing a "happy dance" today over their departure. I would have thrown them "a bon voyage" party except they keep coming back! These three pounds keep following "the bread crumb trail back home!".........(and yes, I'm pretty sure bread is the culprit that keeps them coming back!)

So even with a loss in the bank, I'm still back to ground zero! But hey, what a thrill to slide the weight bar to the left for a change! So I say, "Up with Down!"

Way to go!

Hi! Great job. New blog looks great AND SO DO YOU!

I just found your new blog!! Looks nice!! Keep at it and don't give up!! I am still trying also!!! It takes a lot of time!!

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